…. where I get to live for free in beautiful houses at lovely locations in Australia in exchange for maintaining homes, gardens, lawns, pools, potted plants, sometimes also tennis courts, and almost always with pets for pals.

It was  Autumn 2011 when I took my first, tentative step into the world of house sitting – at that time a stop gap measure between vacating my lovely little flat by the seashore and deciding where to settle.

Comfort Zone = Growing Older    Adventure = Growing Bolder

My hope was that house minding might provide me with the chance to live rent free for a while, take time out to explore my options aside from continuing to live and work in Sydney which, in 2015, now holds the enviable rank of having the third least affordable housing in the world – read more about that here.

To my surprise and delight, house minding has opened up a world of opportunity and adventure: provided me with a way of escape from the daily grind.   No longer must I constantly compete to maintain a steady income but rather, am able to work as and when projects come my way, with free time to do more of what I love.    House minding commenced for me four years ago as a temporary measure but is now a lifestyle choice. Read more

Sound too good to be true?

Some days I stop and pinch myself that this life I’m living is for real. Read more

house-mindersWhat exactly is house sitting?

The concept is simple.   A home owner plans to vacate their property for a while so searches house sitting websites to find house sitter/s to care for their home in their absence.  Their chosen house sitter/s provide live-in security, care for the pets in residence, and attend to any household tasks that need doing while the home owner is away.  No money changes hands, as by mutual agreement the house sitter lives rent-free in exchange for taking on responsibilities in the owner’s absence – more details here.

How do I know which house sitting site is best?

The key to house sitting success is knowing which house sitting site is best.   But choosing a site among the plethora of platforms can be daunting, especially if you’re a first timer.  As seasoned sitters who have been successfully house minding for four years we know what people on both sides of the house sitting fence need to look for in a house sitting site.  We explain more here.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

Each of the house sitting websites featured on Compare Housesitting™ has stood the test of time and is proven to help trusted house sitters and Aussie home owners find each other in a secure, online environment.  Majority of our featured sites are Australian because they are the most effective Down Under.   By way of background, Ian White of House Carers pioneered the world’s first house sitting website in 2000!


If you have a house sitting website that operates effectively in Australia, we would love to hear from you providing your site lists only current home owner ads and:- Read more

You too can be a house minder

happy-house-sitterBeing a house minder can be extremely rewarding – whether for short breaks, extended travel, to save money or, like me, as a lifestyle choice.  But if you’re missing critical knowledge it can be a struggle.   By using the right keys, the doors to house sitting Down Under will open for you.  House sitters who have the keys to house sitting success are in high demand Read more

house-minding-AustraliaMy Passion is to dedicate my energy to spreading the Good News Story about Australia’s house sitting community – a community where people co-operate for mutual benefit rather than financial gain.

My Plan is to provide the keys to house sitting success – help potential House Sitters (wherever they are in the world) and Aussie home owners decide if house sitting is for them.  And if so, provide information and guidelines to help them every step along the way.

Robyn-Lea, Founder & Owner, Compare HouseSitting™

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