trusted-house-sittersPlanning annual holidays or an extended holiday?   Need to travel for work from time to time?   Want to get away-from-it-all on long weekends?   Don’t like to leave your home unoccupied?   Reluctant to confine your fur family to a pet hotel?   Not sure what to do for the best?

Going away takes a lot of preparation

Nothing should be left to chance, especially the safety of your most valuable asset: your home.  If there are pets to be cared for, the decisions are even more complex.  Should I:

  • Pay a pet provider to drop by my house every day to tend to the needs of my pets?
  • Take my pets out of their home environment and confine them to a pet hotel?
  • Find a friend, family member or neighbour willing to call in each day to clear the mailbox & feed my pets?
  • Get live-in trusted house sitters from a house and pet sitting website?dog on lounge

The benefits of having a live-in house sitter are many!

An increasing number of Australians are discovering the benefits of having trusted house sitters while away.   Top of the list is the peace of mind, with live-in security for your treasured possessions.  A close second is the assurance that things will run just as smoothly on the home front as they do when you’re there.   Trusted house sitters:

  •     provide security for your home simply by living there;
  •     clear the mail box each day of post, periodicals & junk mail;
  •     maintain your pets’ routine in their home environment;
  •     guard your property against fire, flood, storms;
  •     maintain your home by tending gardens, lawns, hedges, edges, pools, potted plants.

What exactly is house sitting?

house carersThe concept is simple.  A home owner plans to vacate their property for a while – anything from a few days to a few months.   They search house sitting websites to find house sitter/s suitable to care for their home in their absence – more detail here.

house sitting AustraliaWhy is house sitting so popular?

In recent years the practice of house sitting has grown in acceptance and sophistication.  More and more people are healthy and keen to travel and, internet savvy, are searching for like-minded online communities to share and support one another.   House sitting is one such community, and comprises home owners and house sitters.Read more

cat sleeping upside downAdd pets to the equation.  Pet ownership is increasing world-wide.  Australia is near the top of the list, with about 70% of Australian households owning a pet.  Dogs are the most common, – 39% of households own a dog.  Cats are the second most common pet, with 29% of households owning a cat.

Why do I need to compare house sitting websites?

guy on laptop looks exasperatedIt is becoming increasingly difficult to select the house sitting website that best suits your needs.   Not only does the confusing plethora of sites make choosing the one best for you difficult: newcomers don’t know what to look for in a house sitting website.  For example:

House sitters need-to-know the website they register with contains ads of Aussie home owners who are actively seeking a house sitter.   Home Owners need-to-know the site on which they place their ad contains trusted house sitters who are searching for houses to care for in their region.   Both parties need-to-know the house sitting website they choose operates in a secure online environment.

Why do people house sit?

As outlined in Case Studies, the reasons are many and varied.  Here are just a few:

  • live rent-free to save deposit for a home
  • sold home or new to Australia – not sure where to settle
  • annual holidays, weekend get-aways
  • academics on Sabbatical
  • taking time-out to write that Bestseller
  • (still) living at home: good to have a break
Read more

house mindersWhat type of people house sit?

People just like you house and pet sit.  Some live in Australia, others are from overseas, visiting Australia to travel and/or work.  House sitters come from all walks of life, are of varying ages and are in different circumstances – couples, singles, families, grey nomads, Flexpats, academics on sabbatical, seniors taking a gap year….the list goes on.

house-sitting-AustraliaRelax – you can leave home with peace of mind!

So long as you register with a house sitting website that subscribes to industry best practice, and do your due diligence on the house sitter, you will find house and pet sitting a win-win-win solution ………

…..a win for you, a win for your pets and win for the house sitter.