Penthouse Puppies

My wife and I were looking forward to the overseas holiday we’d been planning for some time, but were having great difficulty deciding the best thing to do for our pets in our absence.

On discussing our dilemma with friends we learned of their satisfaction with having live-in house and pet sitters while away.   We had heard of this arrangement and, while we had reservations, preferred the idea over sending our dear little dogs to a ‘pet resort’.

A search of house sitting websites revealed pages upon pages of companies providing meeting points for home owners and house sitters.  The prospect of spending hours trawling the web after a long day of work was unappealing, but we had concerns there could be scammers masquerading as house sitting websites in an attempt to solicit our address details.  And so we proceeded to try and determine which house sitting site is best for us.

From this experience I can see the value of an independent review site to maintain a ‘watching brief’ on house sitting platforms; one that can reassure home owners of house sitting websites that can be relied on, which have taken steps to prove legitimacy of their registered house sitters.Read more

house-and-pet-sittersPhillip, Little Bay, NSW – Nov 2014


Sleepy Cat

Recently I found myself in the situation of having to find a house sitter at short notice for one week.Read more

I therefore settled down to search for a house sitter and to my dismay, was confronted with a myriad of websites – a lot more than when I first searched house sitting websites a few years ago.

Rather than being useful, I found so many sites overwhelming.   In particular it was not clear where some sites were based, and I did not want to waste time trawling overseas sites only to find they did not have many registered house sitters available to house sit in Australia.

Because so many house sitting platforms are now competing for our attention, an independent site that compares house sitting websites would make it easier for Australian home owners to select the site best for them.

house-and-pet-sittersCheryl, Seaforth, NSW – Sept 2014


Beach baby

We write as home owners who have relied on the services of house sitters while away on holiday.  In recent years we have noticed more and more house sitting websites showing up online

It has been our experience that so many sites is making the choice of selecting which house sitting site is best for us, both time consuming and confusing.  We can see that an independent site that reviews features of house sitting websites would be a great resource, particularly for first time users of house and pet sitting services

Home Owners always have concerns about leaving their home and pets to strangers, and no doubt those wishing to become a house sitter also seek answers to questions about their responsibilities.   Third party advice and insights from both sides of the house sitting fence would be enormously helpful.

house-and-pet-sittersLorraine, Gold Coast, Qld –  August 2014