house-sitting-websitesWhat is house sitting?

The concept is simple.  A home owner plans to vacate their property for a while – anything from a few days to (quite) a few months.   They search house sitting websites to find trusted house sitters to care for their home while they are away.

Their chosen house sitter/s will provide live-in security and attend to household tasks in their absence, plus care for any pets in residence.

The duties required of the house sitter vary enormously – from maintaining house, garden, lawns, pool, tennis court and pets on a property in the country, to caring for a cat in an inner city apartment.   However, the vast majority of house sits simply require the house sitter(s) to water plants, tend gardens, mow lawns, clear mail boxes of post and periodicals and care (and love) the pets.   This free service is provided by the house sitter/s in exchange for free accommodation and opportunity to explore a new location at leisure. Read more

house-sit-dogsHow do I know which house sitting site is best?

The key to house sitting success is knowing which house sitting site is best.  But choosing a site among the plethora of platforms can be daunting, especially if you’re a first timer.  As seasoned sitters who have been successfully house sitting Australia since 2011, we know what people on both sides of the house sitting fence need to look for in a house sitting site. For example, does the website:

  • operate effectively across the whole of Australia, or only in some States and Territories?  Read more
  • list only current home owner ads?  Read more
  • maintain a reasonable ratio of  home owner ads to house and pet sitters?  Read more
  • allow house sitters to see home owner ads without having to first pay membership?  Read more
  • operate in a secure online environment where people’s privacy is protected?Read more

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

All the house sitting sites featured on Compare Housesitting™ are proven to help house sitters and Aussie home owners find each other in a secure, online environment.   Each site is run by men and women who, combined, have dedicated over four decades to building Australia’s house sitting community to what it is today – leading the charge in innovation and use of cutting-edge technology, while providing old-fashioned customer service.   In fact, in 2000 Ian White of House Carers pioneered the world’s first house sitting website!

How do house sitting websites work?  

House sitting websites facilitate anonymous contact between registered Home Owners and House Sitters.   Contact is made in a secure online environment, where personal identities and location remain confidential until the parties decide to disclose this to each other.   Housesitting websites come in different guises.   The majority are database Directory Listings, while others provide a hands-on ‘Matching’ Service.   In recent years there has been an increase in house sitting websites servicing Niche Markets.

house-and-pet-sittingDatabase Directory Listings explained

Database Directory Listings enable Home Owners and House Sitters to search for each other in a secure, online environment.   Anonymity is assured until the parties choose to disclose their identity to each other.  This service is free for Home Owners, enabling them to place an advertisement at no cost.   House Sitters pay an annual fee to register and list their profile. Read more

house carersHow do database Directory Listing websites work?

Registered House Sitters apply to ads of Home Owners by sending an email application via the website’s internal message system.  This email is linked to their profile, making it easy for the home owner to see details of the sitter/s.   All the sites showcased on Compare Housesitting give sitters the option to receive alerts as soon as new ads are placed by home owners – an important feature in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Read more

house-sitting-AustraliaMatching Service Websites explained

Operating much like a dating agency, these services ‘match’ Home Owners with registered House Sitters.   The criteria for the ‘match’ are specified by the Home Owner e.g. non-working couple, female only, etc.   Each site offers a slightly different service but for the most part, function as explained below.

How do Matching Service websites work?

The Matching Service website supplies the Home Owner with details of House Sitters who match their criteria.   The Home Owner short lists the applicants and gives this to the site, which make arrangements for the parties to meet.   From this point on Home Owner and House Sitter may maintain direct contact if they wish, otherwise the site continues to liaise between the two.   Both parties pay a fee for this value added service.

Niche Markets

house-and-pet-sittingIn recent years there has been a surge in house sitting websites targeting niche markets.  There are sites dedicated to Grey Nomads, Farm Sits, Flexpats, Christian Sits, Seniors, Sabbatical Homes and Caretaking, to name a few. Read more

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